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Saturday, January 1, 2011


நேற்றைய நானை

இன்றைய" நான் "

வெல்லத் துடிக்கிறது

நாளைய நானிடம்




gayathri said...

therindirundum jeipatharku poradi kondu erukirom,poratam nirpathu eppothu.

vijay said...

with your blessings master.I am here to explain my experience about 'naan'.
i usually finish the work out by 30 minutes[may be i do counts faster] i used to do deep relaxation to look at organs .At the time,I began to see and feel my inner soul ,which was wordless .usually, i used to pray very interestingly and i have a small statue of god krishna and i would feel much if i not go inside and see him .but now for last one month i am not so ,i am not much interested as before to see the lord .Only after reading your essay 'vazhipadu' understood the reason.
It is only because of your valuable blessings and your class of first stanza of song upadesa undiar.i would be more blessed if we get your words for all stanzas in detail .
I am able to write this only because of your blessing and need your blessing ever master. -abarnavijay

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